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The Kahuku Sugar Mill has a storied history and significant existence. Dating back to the late 1800’s, Hawaiian locals, mainland investors,and foreign immigrants began to develop  
the North Shore land into an agricultural powerhouse. They transformed what once was a desolate and abandoned field of lush vegetation into a successful and thriving sugar
mill. Following the Civil War, Kahuku began to flourish.

The sugar mill was built; a newly developed train system was integrated into the exportation process, allowing for quicker delivery; and immigrants were assimilating to the traditional Hawaiian culture.

The Kahuku Sugar Mill proved to be a true catalyst for growth. Within a few years, the population had increased exponentially. A new hospital was constructed and by the
mid 1900’s, the people of Kahuku had pioneered the concrete stove, built the first children’s nursery and high school, and created the first golf course on the
island, which still exists today!

On November 25, 1971 the Kahuku Sugar Mill ground its last cane. The site became a tourist attraction. The locals continue to embrace their Sugar Mill with pride and are able to preserve the rich history and traditional beauty of the ancient land through a museum.

David Baker
Kahuku Sugar Mill

Kahuku Sugar Mill

Kahuku Sugar Mill
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